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Picture Facilities

  • (3) Large Color Grading Suites (Davinci Resolve/Avid – (SDR/HDR) HD, UHD, 4K, HDR10 & Dolby Vision Certified.
  • (3) Color/Online Finishing Suites (Davinci Resolve/Avid – (SDR) HD, UHD & 4K
  • Complete Picture AE & Support Department.
  • Multiple AE Stations.
  • Multiple Visual Effects Suites (Blurs, Paint, Beautification,                                     Rotoscope)
  • Advanced Picture Management and Workflow Specialists.

Sound Facilities

  • (4) Monitor based single man mix stages (2.0 – 5.1 – ATMOS soon)
  • (1) Projection single man mix stage (2.0 – 5.1- ATMOS soon)
  • (1) Dolby ATMOS Near-Field/Theatrical mix suite (serviced by WW)
  • (1) ADR/VO Stages
  • (1) Large Foley Stage (in-house walkers/artists)
  • Sound Editorial / Design Department
  • Multiple Audio Assistant Pro-Tools Seats
  • Sound Supervision and Creative Design Specialists


Mastering Deliverables

  • IMF Creation (HDR & SDR)
  • DCP / DCDM / DKDM creation w/ CRU drive packages.
  • File and frame rate conversions
  • Broadcast file creation and delivery
  • As Broadcast Scripts (multi language)
  • Closed Caption (multi language)
  • Sub Titles (multi language)
  • Archival LTO 6,7 & 8
  • Short and long-term secure media storage.
  • Network and Streaming Platform delivery uploads (Including Netflix)
  • Web and Mobile deployment packages
  • Cinedeck, Premiere, Avid, Final Cut, Davinci Resolve Platforms
  • High Security Environment – Air Gap production from outside access.

Quality Control

  • Aurora Pre/Post Technical QC (automated)
  • Aurora Dead Pixel QC (automated)
  • Aurora PSE Testing QC w/PSE compliance fix services (automated)
  • Aurora IMF Technical QC (automated)
  • Master 2 Pass QC – 1 & 2 person eyes on workflow
  • Technical 1 Pass QC eyes on workflow
  • 3rd  Pass Closed Caption QC
  • M&E QC



Dubbing Service Packages

  • Lip Sync – Full cast localized dialog replacement dubbing.
  • VO Style – (1) primary localized voice reading over the top of dipped mix.
  • Lector Style – (1) primary localized voice, no dipping of mix and very monotone flat delivery a beat late over production dialog.

Primary Languages include

  • English back translation (foreign language to English) Record/mix US
  • LAS in territory recording – mix in US or in territory
  • French in territory recording – mix in US, France or England
  • CAS and BPO in territory recording – mix in US or in territory

Secondary Languages include

  • Currently 23 with in territory recording – finished in USA

Dubbing packages include

  • Translation, Adaptation, Casting, Directing, Project Management, Mix, QC, M&E Augmentation and Mastering Deliverables.

Audio Description

  • AD/ DVS (audio description / descriptive video) English.
  • Foreign language compliance.
  • Short form and Long form content compliance.
  • Producing, Casting, Script Writing, Directing, Recording, Mix and Deliverable Packages

Xtraction - Sound Separation Technology

Our patent pending “Xtraction” technology removes music, vocals or dialog from    composite mix elements allowing for a variety or re-purposing opportunities for existing content.

Music Rights / Replacement

  • Remove music from a composite mix and retain the dialog and EFX.
  • Replace music with similar style using our in-house catalogs through DL Music that provides worldwide, in perpetuity all media license.
  • Remove music from on set production and retain dialog and production sound.

Enhancement / Re-Mastering Restoration / Live Performance

  • Remove music, retain dialog and sound effects to re-score and re-mix in 5.1 – Dolby Atmos.
  • Isolate original dialog to re-build and re-mix a new high quality soundtrack.
  • Isolate a vocal and re-produce high quality music and re-mix.
  • Isolate a vocal for live performance over the original vocal track. 
  • Isolate original dialog for a variety of use in new content creations.



  • Up-mixing 5.1, 7.1, (Dolby Atmos – soon)
  • Music Replacement
  • Augmented M&E’s
  • Sound Restoration
  • Sound Enhancement/Re-Mastering


  • Scan original film/video materials and conform
  • Restoration, enhancement and high-resolution re-mastering
  • Format changes, versioning and cut downs
  • Content changes for general public distribution compliance
  • Religious compliance changes
  • Airline compliance changes


Our proprietary LiveStream technology along with other realtime remote solutions allow us to service clients anywhere in the world like they were sitting in our facility.

With LiveStream clients communicate directly with their operator to make real-time changes and provide approvals via Skype / FaceTime while simultaneously viewing up to 1080p picture and listening to broadcast quality 2.0 or 5.1 sound on a separate system (off-line bay, laptop, desktop, conference room, mobile device etc.) at their location.

Evercast” is also available for Picture and Sound Remote Review Sessions

  • Mix reviews
  • Picture finishing reviews
  • Creative approvals
  • A/V content changes
  • Spotting sessions
  • Casting
  • Directing VO/ADR talent
  • QC fix  / Patch change approvals

Production Space, Staffing, Equipment Rental packages are available through our Atlas Digital partners under one roof.